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With expertise in flat roof installations and repairs, LC Roofing serves Greater Manchester and its neighboring regions with premium roofing services.

We install two types of flat roofs, each offering unique benefits and considerations regarding installation, performance, maintenance, and cost. The right choice depends on factors like building design, climate, budget, and the intended use of the roof.

Torch Applied Roofing:

Torch-on roofing involves rolling out the membrane onto the roof surface and heating it with a propane torch to melt the bottom side, adhering it to the substrate. Once cooled, it forms a watertight seal.

Firestone RubberGard™ EPDM

Firestone RubberGard™ EPDM is a durable, flexible, and UV-resistant single-ply membrane used for low-slope and flat roofs. Made of synthetic rubber, it comes in large sheets for seamless installation and is known for its longevity with proper maintenance, making it a top choice for various roof types.

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Flat Roofs

Whether installing a new flat roof, conducting roof repairs, or roof maintenance, we provide competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

New Roofs & Repairs

LC Roofing is pleased to offer competitive prices for quality roof replacements, repairs, and services in Manchester and nearby areas.

Conservatory Roofs

LC Roofing can enhance your conservatory roof today, utilising premium products that will completely revitalise your conservatory.

Chimney Services

LC Roofing offers chimney services in Manchester and local areas. Repointing, removal, or new chimney constructions.

Roof Services

LC Roofing can assist with replacing slipped slates, missing tiles, installing new gutters, or providing general roof and repair services.

Roof Drone Surveys

A drone survey is a swift and thorough checks your roofs condition, eliminating the necessity for ladders or scaffolding.

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